Rabbit + Robot

Rabbit Robot-wmYou never know what this adorable rabbit contains inside.

I have just experimented this style, which I added more small details and no type.


Gabby’s illustration gift

Gabby_wmoptThis is my niece Gabby’s surprising birthday gift. In fact, she requested me to draw for her a million times, but no time because of travelling in the Philippines and preparing my big sister’s wedding props. I decided to surprise her. I’m really glad that she is happy with the illustration.



I am back to draw the doodle after a while. I had good summer in the Philippines before the wet season (rainy season) came in July. But when I came back to Vancouver, It’s Summer again. I have been in the summer for almost 4 months. Waaah!

Doodle Sneakers



My sister requested me to draw the doodle the sneakers for my niece’s birthday gift before they headed back to Texas from the Philippines. My niece is very happy to wear these sneakers.

The Doodle Bookmarks


This is what I collected the quotes and drew the bookmarks.

The first bookmark has been sold already.

If interested in purchasing the bookmarks for your books instead of e-book or ibook, email me at vpteng88 (at) gmail (dot) com

Requesting me to draw what you like me to draw your favorite things on the bookmark is allowed. 🙂