A Boy in Heaven



Afghan Girl

I found a fascinating photograph which an afghan girl was captured 29 years ago. She is named Sharbat Gula. I can’t believe how her eyes have strong attraction. Also, the photograph is very clear. Steve McCurry is an outstanding photographer!



VectorThis is what I processed in work.


A Gift Illustration

I met my client, Marcia at VCC (Vancouver Community College) and we had a meeting about a gift for Barb who is a manager of Sodexo in VCC and will be retired next year.

Marcia thought she wanted a vintage photograph of VCC building; however, it’s not really attractive and old. She changed her mind that she wanted a cafeteria where Barb works. She asked me to create the vector illustration of the cafeteria. I have been working on creating it for 2 days and I went to PhotoLab to print 12×18 photo. In fact, Marcia found only a 11×17 frame so I cut each 1/2 inch side.

After the lunch during Christmas party, Barb watched a video message that Amber (who made the video). Barb cried and laughed. After the end of the video, Marcia handed the gift (the illustration) to Barb. She opened it. She was totally surprised and cried. She was speechless. She loves my work!



Taken this picture by Amber