Chinese logo

Graphic Designs

I designed a logo for a client who is a realtor. He prefers the traditional and modern logo with the red and gold. This is related to Chinese culture. He chose traditional red stamp logo which has tiger/lion or dragon type doorknocker, but the lines should be clean and simplified. He also wanted his Chinese name in the logo.

I had some concepts; however, I was considered for the doorknocker that might have a bit more details. For Chinese name, I am not the one who designed the Chinese calligraphy. My manager reached a calligrapher to create for us. I pondered about two different logos – the doorknocker logo and red stamp logo with Chinese name.

IMG_7981 IMG_7982For another logo, I brought red paint, black ink and erasers. I just played with stamping erasers on my sketchpad. Scanning this page and then adjusting the colours. Added the name on the stamps.10597290_680600735350896_1445524626_n IMG_7992


IDSL Picnic 2014

Graphic Designs

An organizer, who works for BCCSD  (BC Cultural Society for the Deaf), enjoyed viewing my work in Facebook page. He thought of requesting me to create a flyer for IDSL, which stands for International Day of Sign Language. He just left me creativity and whatever my style is unique. My concept is that the flyer demonstrates the simple layout, including the icons and noise texture. The illustration in the first row is extremely recognizable as the places in Queen’s Park. The icons are obviously identified by the range of young and old people. Overall, this design looks calm.

IDSL Picnic 2014

A Gift Illustration

Digital Arts, Graphic Designs, Illustrations, Vector & Vexel

I met my client, Marcia at VCC (Vancouver Community College) and we had a meeting about a gift for Barb who is a manager of Sodexo in VCC and will be retired next year.

Marcia thought she wanted a vintage photograph of VCC building; however, it’s not really attractive and old. She changed her mind that she wanted a cafeteria where Barb works. She asked me to create the vector illustration of the cafeteria. I have been working on creating it for 2 days and I went to PhotoLab to print 12×18 photo. In fact, Marcia found only a 11×17 frame so I cut each 1/2 inch side.

After the lunch during Christmas party, Barb watched a video message that Amber (who made the video). Barb cried and laughed. After the end of the video, Marcia handed the gift (the illustration) to Barb. She opened it. She was totally surprised and cried. She was speechless. She loves my work!



Taken this picture by Amber

2013 Calendar – SOLD

Graphic Designs, Illustrations, Store, Typography, Vector & Vexel

Chinese Horoscope 2013 Calender

Chinese Horoscope 2013 calendar


$15 (CAD)

I have sold the calendars to some buyers in Vancouver. I also sent one to an Australian buyer who ordered it.

I still have some copies.

If interested in purchasing the calendar, please contact me at

Concert For A Cause

Graphic Designs, Life, Typography

The organizers said, “On September 15th, we will be taking up the challenge of raising funds for our fellow Filipinos who were victims of the torrential rain and flood that struck the Philippines and left 350,000 Filipinos in evacuation centers and at least 65 people are known to have died in rain flood, some are still missing and more rain is expected in the coming days and a typhoon is also expected to hit the country.”

The organizers discussed with me about making a banner for the fundraising event. They told me to design any artworks and styles in the background and they wanted the texts to be visible. We figured out the size of the banner. After the banner mock up was approved, we bought some materials and I started to paint the banner.

The event started. There were many excited people to come in the concert. It was very loud and cheerful!

Photo by Flip Vision Production