I am a Deaf graphic designer and illustrator.

Born to be profoundly Deaf in 1988, I grew up in Manila, Philippines. After 20 years, I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my family. I began my studies at Vancouver Community College and went on to graduate from Digital Graphic Design Program in 2012. I am passionate about illustration, Typography, and graphic & web designs.

My hobbies are to draw traditional and digital work, to take photographs and videos, to travel places, to blog and learn about things, cultures, people, food, and etc.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi x. I really like your work and have a question for you. I want to develop a platform for cooking-admirers and graphic designers. I want to share my passion for cooking, but I am not a cook. Because I am not a cook, I can’t invent new recipes. Still I want to share my passion for cooking. So altering and transforming a photo of a selfmade dish can be exciting to erase the boundaries between food and design and highlight the beauty of ingredients. That’s why I want to collaborate with designers and ask them to alter my cooking-photos. The only condition is to process the ingredients list in the image. It will be great if you want to participate and be one of the first designers to start this platform. Your work will always be yours. I will never use your work for other purposes. I wlll also note you in the post with name and website. Please contact me. Kind regards, Justin

  2. Nice drawings. I like the Japanese motif in your illustrations. I lived in Asia for 4 years. I am an artist and a musician. I’ll drop by to check on new posts! Cheers.

  3. Hello,,, your my inspiration πŸ™‚ !! i write some inspiration design about doodle art name. i post somee of your design with link to your deviant art gallery. !!! thanks you…………….

    best regard.

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