Rabbit + Robot

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Rabbit Robot-wmYou never know what this adorable rabbit contains inside.

I have just experimented this style, which I added more small details and no type.


Urban Life



Why does this lady have the buildings on the top of her massive hair? She was born and has been living in the urban area for several years. For some reasons, she looks depressed because she is tired of living in her place. Her town is really busy just like hundreds of hardworking ants walking around. The vehicles make noise all the time. The crowds on the sidewalks overwhelms her. The sun is blocked by the buildings because they are taller and close to each other. She is sometimes frightened of criminal gangs hiding in the hidden streets where they enjoy painting graffiti on the walls. And, she doesn’t want to see riot whenever it happens. In fact, she needs to move out. Maybe she will move to a peaceful and warm place in the future.

This is what the urban areas look like and what happens. I observe the difference between rural and urban areas. I used to travel to both of them. In the Philippines, my family and I lived in the capital city and my relatives live in an rural area. However, I love both of areas because of great trips and experiences.