Chinese logo

Graphic Designs

I designed a logo for a client who is a realtor. He prefers the traditional and modern logo with the red and gold. This is related to Chinese culture. He chose traditional red stamp logo which has tiger/lion or dragon type doorknocker, but the lines should be clean and simplified. He also wanted his Chinese name in the logo.

I had some concepts; however, I was considered for the doorknocker that might have a bit more details. For Chinese name, I am not the one who designed the Chinese calligraphy. My manager reached a calligrapher to create for us. I pondered about two different logos – the doorknocker logo and red stamp logo with Chinese name.

IMG_7981 IMG_7982For another logo, I brought red paint, black ink and erasers. I just played with stamping erasers on my sketchpad. Scanning this page and then adjusting the colours. Added the name on the stamps.10597290_680600735350896_1445524626_n IMG_7992


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