Snow Day


I woke up in the early morning and checked a window. I was surprised that snow was almost 5 inches. It drove me agitated about taking photographs of snow! However, I first headed to school to get my transportation card. I forgot to pick it up yesterday as I was exhausted from hosting a Christmas party with a partner. While being on the train and bus, I took random photographs, using Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM. I didn’t post any of the photos. Just playing with the composition developed my skill.

I posted some photos here.

IMG_6796IMG_6814_copyIMG_6805IMG_6815_copyThis is located at Commercial station.IMG_6825IMG_6830Oh my gosh! I was more tired than I look. I have been enjoying to step on snow and crazy about feeling the cracks. The cold exhausted my lungs. haha!IMG_6850_copyIMG_6867I met a friend of mine with her aunt and cousins. We scrolled around and they shopped clothing and accessories. That’s all. Unfortunately, the snow eventually melted in the night. That’s sad. Oh well.

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