Fall Time


Hola! I got back to have photoshoot with my friends. Taking photos of their poses was a bit awkward for me because it was been a very long time or I haven’t experienced with telling what they need to do like walking or standing. They had no idea what to do and I was stuck! haha!

A few days ago, I have a new friend, Judy who was requested to be interested in photoshoot. She definitely wanted it as she was envious of her friends who have great photos of them on Instagram or Facebook. Yet I’d love to take photos of her.

After school, we headed to Downtown in Vancouver. There is amazing graffiti on two wide walls at a hidden street. Then, it was photoshoot time!



IMG_6098We scrolled around and looked for good locations.

IMG_6133Love this picture. My face seemed not to be ready. haha! Photo by Judy Khuu

IMG_6153This is located at SFU (Simon Fraser University).

IMG_6185Judy has good eyes to find this amazing spot.


Photo by Judy Khuu


IMG_6203Photo by Carlo Castillo

IMG_6233This was taken in the reflection on the body of Gastown steam clock.


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