Vector Improvement

Life, Vector & Vexel

This seems my works for 2012 are big changes.

In 2005, I found a wallpaper inspiration. I started to use Adobe Photoshop to create my portrait. It was for a background in Myspace. I used “lasso tool” to trace everything. I didn’t know how to use “pen tool” as it got messed up.

In 2009, many friends said the same messages about Adobe Illustrator. I installed and tried to play with this software; however, pen tool awfully frustrated me. Then in 2010, I decided to watch pen tool tutorials on YouTube. After a few days passed by, I got used to the tool.

Since 2010, I explored vector artists’ works and learned from them.

In 2011, I took the Digital Graphic Design program. Luckily, my instructor taught about pen tools. It was helpful! A tablet is more useful for creating vector and faster than using a mouse.

Now I master the pen tool, including the tablet.

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