Vector & Vexel

Vector & Vexel

I got the hang of  the pen tool from Adobe Illustrator because of my school. Anyway, I explored an art team’s works and found their way to create a vector portrait.

First, I created the outline drawing of her portrait and then created the plain colors. Lastly, I worked on doing more details with monochromatic color. This is simple and easy.

Lara Croft is one of my most favourite characters. I grabbed Tomb Raider wallpaper from the internet. I decided to pick one monochromatic color. There are so many layers I worked on creating; however, it’s all good. The details are fantastic. I love her eyes.

I found another way to use vexel for Adobe Photoshop. I tried it in this software. I couldn’t believe that it had a lot of work to make almost thousand layers. It’s so crazy!


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